CMYK colourrrs :: A colour theme/scheme for editors and terminals

CMYK colourrrs :: A colour theme/scheme for editors and terminals


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Yesterday, I made cmyk colourrrs, a colour theme for editors and terminals.

Currently, there's support for the following:

Visual Studio Code theme

You can install the theme from the Visual Studio Code marketplace or Open VSX







Jetbrains IDE's -> Colour scheme and UI theme

You can get the UI theme and colour scheme for Jetbrain's IDE's from the Github repository.




Xcode theme

You can get the theme for Xcode from the CMYK colourrrs Xcode Github repository.

Just download, close Xcode, and put in the following directory before relaunching:



iTerm 2 theme

You can install the iTerm 2 theme off Github:

At this time, there is only a dark theme for iTerm 2.



Fadiinho made a version of CMYK for Neovim.

You can get the CMYK theme for Neovim on Github.


Colour picker -> build the thing to help build the thing

If you're a developer, you may be able to relate to building a tool to help you do something faster. Well, I did that! In order to help me be more productive in building the theme, I built a tool to help me pick colours faster. You can see the colour picker tool here:

It's built in React with TypeScript and Sass and has the following features:

  • theme toggle to switch between light and dark backgrounds

  • animated random colour picking to change the button and line accent colour

  • click to copy to clipboard to make it easier to paste the colour into the JSON file

  • animated random active line number selecting

You can see a preview of light and dark modes below.



Interested in making your own theme?

If you are interested in making a theme and you think it'll help you, you're welcome to use the above colour picker if you provide a link back. Click the "Open Sandbox" button at the bottom right of this page. Please provide attribution with a link back to either my website, this blog post, or the original sandbox. Please also change stuff up so it doesn't look exactly like the original.