Developing my first Twitch extension

Developing my first Twitch extension


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I developed a simple panel extension that displays the commands available in my channel.

It uses an API endpoint to fetch a list of commands and displays it in the panel.

I built it using Svelte.


This is what it looks like on desktop.



This is what it looks like on mobile. You'll see the pink exclamation icon in the top right. Once clicked, it'll show the commands.

command-showcaserrr mobile preview@2x.png


When testing, you will see a warning on both Android and web that the extension has not been evaluated. This message only shows for users added to the testers list. This will show before the extension loads.

command-showcaserrr testing preview.png

Approval Process

I've submitted my extension for approval. I'll see how it goes. The email said it'd take 3 days to review but I learned that Twitch is currently on holiday. Some have experienced up to 11 days of waiting time. My thoughts are it will be about 2 weeks before it gets approved, which is quite a slow feedback cycle, but it is their summer holidays.

Watch Now

You can watch me learn how to build a Twitch panel extension from scratch here.