Get Twitch OAuth scopes programmatically

Get Twitch OAuth scopes programmatically


1 min read

I wrote a user script that allows you to get Twitch's OAuth scopes programmatically.

Why though?

If you're developing an application that makes it easier to work with the Twitch developer API's, you may find it useful to have all possible scopes.

How does it work?

Right now, this script requires manual intervention, e.g. copy/pasting, but could be easily adapted to an automated process depending on your programming language. It's written in JavaScript, runs as a user script, so when you visit the page, the code is executed and outputs the data in the console.

Get the Code

You just need to install the script and visit the page. You can copy the JSON from the console.

After installing the script, you can check your console and you should see the output in a table and in JSON.