Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide reference including general gifts

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide reference including general gifts

I played Street Fighter 6 World Tour for the first time on stream last night and it was super fun! The story mode guides you (slowly) to learning techniques that you're unlikely to learn on your own without being forced to, for example, some defensive moves that may not be intuitive to beginners.

Impressed with my experience with Street Fighter 6 so far

Let me preface this with that I am not a pro fighting game player.

When I was a kid, I played Street Fighter 2 on Super Nintendo. Since then, I haven't really kept up with the series. I played a bit of Smash Bros on Nintendo 64, but couldn't get into Smash Ultimate on Switch.

My experience with Street Fighter 6 so far is that they make the game really accessible to new players.

To start, the character list is pretty expansive. Back in the SF2 days, the only female representation in the game was Chun-Li. In SF6, we have way more options. My goal for World Tour is to unlock all the 2nd outfits for all the women characters. This would've been easy if it was back in the SF2 days where women lacked representation in video games, but nowadays, this is a much larger task that will require way more of a grind. So to unlock the 2nd outfit for Chun-Li, Kimberly, Juri, Manon, Marisa, Lily, and Cammy, I'll need to max out their bond levels.

Training under different characters

Part of the story involves meeting the characters of the game like Luke, Ryu and Chun-Li, and training under them. As you develop your relationship with them, you'll need to do tasks for them. This will increase your bond stats. As you rank up with their moves and style, you can get style points for that character.

In the below screenshot, on the left are all the masters with my current style rank at the top left (e.g. Luke is at 9, Chun-Li is at 17). On the right, when hovering over a character, you can also see the bond level. When the bond gets maxed out, you can unlock that character's costume.


Increasing the bond level

I'm not very far in the game, but it seems like some characters are more integral to the story than others. For example, Luke and Chun-Li play a huge part at the beginning, whereas Marisa is in another country and you only see her if you use her style, rank up her style, and then are given an opportunity to learn a new move. It costs a flight ticket every time you need to talk to her though, whereas Luke and Chun-Li are local to Metro City.

If you want to unlock Marisa's costume, you'll need to fly out to Colosseo, Italy and shower her with gifts. She really likes cold tomato soup, so stock up on those, but you can gift her anything, they just won't count as much.

The Gift List

Here's the gift list based on the item. Some gifts work for specific characters, while others are for anyone.

The table below is a modified version of an existing one where gifts that can be gifted to anyone are emphasized ✨.

Jellied EelCammyMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Antique Playing CardsJPMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Bao Bao Bro StickerJamieMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
BeaujolaisManonMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Celery ChipsLilyMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Knock-Off Blanka-Chan DollBlankaMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Red Elevator 8LukeMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
The Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveKimberlyMerchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
✨ C.C. Calendar ✨Can Gift AnyoneMerchant – Carrier Byron Taylor, USA
Rubber DuckiesE. HondaMerchant – Colosseo, Italy
WrenchJuriMerchant – Dhalsimer Temple, India
Cold Tomato SoupMarisaMerchant – Fete Foraine, France
NattoGuileMerchant – Genbu Temple, Japan
✨ Double KO Gum ✨Can Gift AnyoneMerchant – King Street, UK
CookbookKenMerchant – Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico
Lukewarm BeerDee JayMerchant, Ranger’s Hut, Brazil
Wooden BearZangiefMerchant – Barmaley Steelworks, Russia
✨ Fighter Magazine Special Issue ✨Can Gift AnyoneShopkeeper Biz, Metro City
Canned HerringChun-LiShopkeeper Dora, Nayshall
✨ Prepaid Card ✨Can Gift AnyoneShopkeeper Dora, Nayshall
Instant Curry (Ultra Mild)DhalsimShopkeeper Tsanpa, Nayshall
✨ Psycho Charge ✨Can Gift AnyoneShopkeeper Tsanpa, Nayshall
Instant SobaRyuShopkeeper Udon, Metro City
✨ Luxury Heat Pack ✨Can Gift AnyoneShopkeeper Udon, Metro City
Knock Off Blanka-Chan DollBlankaJamaica
Supreme Instant CurryDhalsimE. Honda’s Friendship Mission Reward
Tiramisu BobaE. HondaCammy’s Friendship Mission Reward
Commemorative MedalManonZangief’s Friendship Mission Reward
Neco Acrylic KeychainCammyChun-Li’s Friendship Mission Reward
Citrus PerfumeChun-LiJuri’s Friendship Mission Reward
LocketBlankaLily’s Friendship Mission Reward
Pricey CheckJuriManon’s Friendship Mission Reward
WeightsZangiefMarisa’s Friendship Mission Reward
Classy ConfectionairesRyuSide Quest – Monk Without a Cause Reward

Since Chun-Li likes canned herring, I brought her some, and my bond level with Chun-Li is the highest in the game so far. Luke is 2nd highest. Both of those characters are part of the main story, it seems.

Fun channel point redemptions for Street Fighter 6 streams

My first stream of SF6 World Tour was a lot of fun so I'll be streaming more of that.

To add some fun to the stream, I created some wallpapers that viewers can use channel points to change. All the Street Fighter 6 ladies can be chosen as the wallpaper of the stream.

I built my own bot, techydrrroid, and some infra-related tooling called abstractrrr. You can watch me building abstractrrr (1 stream), or read about techydrrroid, or watch me building techydrrroid (11 streams).

How it works:

  1. Abstractrrr subscribes to Twitch EventSub to find out when the channel points reward is redeemed (among other events).

  2. Abstractrrr forwards updates to all subscribed clients, which in this case includes techydrrroid.

  3. Techydrrroid reads the user's input, which must match one of the provided options, and has the business logic of toggling the wallpapers.

  4. Techydrrroid is connected to OBS via the OBS Web Sockets plugin and sends commands to toggle off all of the Street Fighter 6-related wallpapers, and toggle on the one chosen by the user.

  5. If the user input is correct, techydrrroid will let the user know they've input the wrong data.

Watch me on Twitch

I hang out on Twitch sometimes where I build software for my stream setup, and also stream gaming.

Games I've played lately on stream include Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil Village (8), Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Splatoon 3. I stream whatever I feel like playing, but also I stream coding.

Come hang out!