Script for blocking Pepe the frog emotes

Script for blocking Pepe the frog emotes


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I scripted the ability to add Pepe emotes to the blocked terms list. It leverages Twitch's Add Blocked Term endpoint endpoint.

Get the Script

You can get the script and see how to use it here:

The below GIF is an example of what it looks like in your chat while running the script.


What's wrong with Pepe?

Pepe the frog has historically been used by alt-right movements to troll and harass women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ communities. It is considered a hate symbol by the ADL, an anti-hate organization. Even the original artist has abandoned it.

So while:

  • it is often used in a positive light with the popular BetterTTV extension
  • not everybody knows that this symbol is harmful
  • those that know that it's harmful don't mean to use it in a harmful context

It's important to note:

  • some people find these images triggering, specifically marginalized communities that are targeted by hate groups
  • even without BTTV support for these emotes, the names of the emotes alone can be triggering

Blocking these terms may also be able to slow down a hate raid. It is probable that attackers will use messages with this symbol even if you don't have the BTTV support for them.

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