TE:C users that have disconnected at the end to avoid taking a loss

TE:C users that have disconnected at the end to avoid taking a loss

We're all connected! Except when we disconnect to avoid taking a loss... ๐Ÿ˜’


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About this list

Update: This list has been moved to its own website: tetris-effect-disconnected.netlify.app

I'm collecting a list of users I've played who appear (to me) to have purposely disconnected to avoid taking a loss in a ranked battle on Tetris Effect: Connected. You may care about this list if you are trying to rank up. Some games are quite long, like score attack, so this can be especially frustrating. This behaviour is considered poor sportsmanship/unethical by gaming standards and is generally frowned upon.

Disclaimer: Please note, that while these users appeared to have disconnected at the very end to avoid taking a loss, it could possibly be that they didn't do it on purpose and rather it was an actual networking issue that was just unfortunately timed perfectly to the end of the game when I was about to win. This document is therefore my opinion only so this list is very subjective. If you feel you have been wrongfully included on this list and you just have bad internet, apologies in advance for this unfortunately timed circumstance, and feel free to let me know in the comments.

Some of these have a clip from the stream that it occurred, but I often play without streaming so not all have captured video.

The List

This list is not comprehensive as I have not been keeping track of all occurrences.

Here's the website: tetris-effect-disconnected.netlify.app

The site should be up to date, but in case it isn't, here's the data.

The same embedded view above can also be viewed in a new tab:

Lately I've been uploading my own experiences to this YouTube playlist.

Share yours

I've started sharing on Twitter with the hashtag #TECSoreLoser โ€“ feel free to use this hashtag to share.

You can also submit a report in the embedded form below (or open in a new tab). I will review all submissions, and once approved, it will show up in the gallery card view.

You can also access the form on the website: Here's the website: tetris-effect-disconnected.netlify.app