Play TE:C with te:chygrrrl!

Play TE:C with te:chygrrrl!

Play Tetris Effect: Connected with me!


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This post is geared towards viewers of my stream who want to join in on 1v1 matches, like when playing Tetris Effect: Connected.

During my stream you can get the direct link to this page by running the command !tec.

This feature in my streams heavily leverages the Fyre API queue system and the StreamElements chatbot.

Joining the queue with !join

If you'd like to join in on the fun, run the following command in chat with your preferred game type, where you replace <mode> with one of the available modes:

!join <mode>

The following multiplayer modes are available, and their corresponding commands:

ModeChat command
Zone Battle!join zone
Score Attack!join score attack
Classic Score Attack!join classic score attack

This command also works without including the mode but it would make things go faster if you did include it.

Exit after playing or spectate

After playing, you can exit or stick around to spectate but please move out of the player spot.

Leaving the queue with !leave

If you can no longer play, please leave the queue with the !leave command to save time.


Seeing the queue with !list

You can see the queue at the following link:

fyre queue.png

You can also run the following command in chat to get this same link:


Unrelated tech things

I've made a user script available so you can see the list expanded to see the modes people want to play. If you have Violentmonkey or another user script runner browser extension installed, click "Raw" to install it

You can also copy/paste it for use in your own queuing system—just be sure to change the URL indicated at @match to be your queue's URL instead of mine.

About the Fyre queueing system

Documentation for managing the queues (for mods and broadcasters). Mostly just a note to self: