Side Hustle Saturdays

Side Hustle Saturdays

Supporters can side hustle it up with me on the 2nd Saturday of every month


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grrrl, what are you talking about?

Side Hustle Saturdays is an effort to inspire you all (and maybe mostly myself?) to work on our side hustles.

Many of us have other dreams and aspirations outside of our 9-to-5's that we'd love to work on and launch.

This is meant to be a deep work session that simulates an office environment. Unless your side hustle involves operating heavy machinery, keep your mic on! Side note: mechanical keyboards don't count as heavy machinery, even those with blue switches, regardless of what your irritable colleagues may think! ๐Ÿคฃ Mics stay on so we can hear you type, get coffee/tea/water, and coughing up a lung just like in a real office!

Let's be accountable to each other once a month at 11am PST for 5 hours.

Please arrive on time (like you're expected to at your real job, within 5 to 10 minutes of the start time) to minimize distractions to others. You'll see why punctuality is important below (spoiler alert: it's because we have a schedule).

The goal is, with the help and support of our Twitch fam, we can attain our dreams and goals. Think of the rest of us when you become rich and famous. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


k, how can I join?

Side Hustle Saturdays is a benefit offered to Twitch subscribers and VIP Patreon supporters.

via Twitch

  1. Join my Discord server
  2. Link your Twitch account to your Discord account so your subscriber role is automatically detected and you are granted access. If this doesn't work, ping me on Discord.

via Patreon

  1. Support me on Patreon at the VIP Patrrron tier
  2. Join Discord with the link Patreon gives you
  3. Verify you have the "Side Hustle Saturday" role added to you on Discord. If not, please DM me.
  4. You should now have access to the #side-hustle-sesh text and voice channels.

Event notifications are automagically posted in the #side-hustle-sesh text channel.

automated event 2.png

got it... I'm in, now what?

It goes like this:

  1. Join the #side-hustle-sesh voice channel on Discord.
  2. Join the #side-hustle-sesh text channel on Discord so we can share links, resources, and info about what we're working on.
  3. Grab a coffee or tea (or just chill) for the first 10 minutes as everybody rolls in before we start introductions.
  4. 11:10 am PST we will take turns introducing ourselves and telling everybody about what we are working on. Please be here before this time to minimize distractions. Here's an example intro: "Hi all, I'm codingbabe99 and I am building an app that allows me to organize my video game collection. I'm going to share a link to my marketing page in the text chat."
  5. People will likely be curious to learn more about your project. Share as much or as little as you like.
  6. At 1:30 PM PST we will take a break from work and do a check-in with each other and talk about what we've been able to accomplish. For example: "Hi again, I'm codingbabe99 and I was able to build functionality to store video game names. After this, I'll be adding the ability to add photos. I just shared a screenshot of the functionality in the chat."

side-hustle-sesh on discord.png

Side Hustle Saturday in the calendar.png

I like but I'm not ready, I need more inspiration

Here's a fun video about side hustlin' by Dolly Parton. Please note that sharing this video is in no way an endorsement of the products or services featured therein. I just love Dolly and this song slaps.


ok I'm sold but I want more

I may (probably will) add more sessions in the future if I find people are into it.

You're also welcome to host your own. Feel free to use this format as a template, just credit me with a link back to this post if you do.



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