Ban by ID on Discord server

Ban by ID on Discord server

How to ban a user by ID from your Discord server even if they've already left


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Trying to ban but see the following error?

"Unable to load profile banner, badges, and about me"

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 15.13.03 PM.png

With the following steps you can still identify these users and ban them.

You may also want to use this technique if you've seen users be abusive in other servers and want to prevent them from joining yours in the event that you share communities.

Enable Developer Mode

The first step is to enable Developer Mode in your Discord options. This can be done either from the mobile app or the desktop/web interface.

  1. Go into your User settings
  2. Go into Advanced
  3. Toggle on Developer Mode

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 15.22.44 PM.png

This will give you the "Copy ID" button.

Note: You will need to quit and re-open the Discord app in order for this change to take effect on the desktop app. In the browser, you only need to refresh the page.

Get the user's ID

  1. Go into your Audit Logs (server settings -> Audit Logs)
  2. Find the deleted messages and right click on the user's name and click Copy ID.

Note: If you do not see the "Copy ID" option, quit and re-open the Discord desktop app, or refresh the Discord in the browser.

You should now have an ID copied to your clipboard (unique integer).

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 14.54.32 PM.png

Tag the abusive user in a channel

You can tag the abusive user in any channel by typing the following syntax where 123456789 is the user ID:


This should show their username. Hit enter to send the message.

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 16.10.32 PM.png

Ban the mentioned user

Once the mention is sent, you should be able to right click it and the Ban option should be available.

Discord supposedly does an IP ban which means the user is banned by their IP address, but these can be easily circumvented even by users that are not tech-savvy. If they are a persistent troll, they will come back.

Increase security

While a user can be banned, it would be advantageous to increase the security of your Discord server to ensure only users with real accounts join.

Membership screening and Verification level

You can add membership screening to your server.

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 16.28.08 PM.png

If you enable the highest level of moderation, you may be creating barriers for your fans because not all people of all ages own a cell phone. Use this setting with caution.

moderation verification level.png

Ban brand new users

Ban users whose accounts have been created within a minimum amount of time.

For example, you may have banned a user's real account but then they create a smurf account to troll you further because they have nothing better to do. You can ban brand new accounts. This can be done in an automated way or a manual way.

Manually banning users by account age

You can use the site to verify the age of a user's account to see when it was created.

Feel free to verify this age and see if it looks fishy before banning.

Auto-ban users by account age

This may be risky because users may have watched your stream on Twitch or elsewhere and joined just to be part of your community. You risk alienating real users to protect yourself from trolls. Use an auto-ban solution with caution.

At this time I have not tested any and cannot make a recommendation, though this section may be updated in the future.

Improving this information

If you have ideas and suggestions to further secure your Discord communities from trolls, and if you have ideas for automation, I'd love to here it. Feel free to comment here or join my Discord.